dijous, 10 de març de 2016

TestSafe Pen Oxygen (O2) Meter

This pen-shaped instrument measures the overall level of oxygen (O2) in the air and can also be used to measure air temperature. Ideal for use in O2 monitoring or detection, food production, industrial environments, refrigerators, oxygen incubators, laboratories and any other application that needs to quantify oxygen levels.
When measuring oxygen levels, this tester is capable of measuring from 0 to 30%. If a value of below 18% O2 is detected the meter will emit a buzzing noise, instantly alerting the user to an oxygen-deficient atmosphere. Temperature of the air can also be measured from 0 to 50°C.

The sensor included as part of the meter's design is robust, designed for long-life use and is not affected by other stray gasses such as CO2. It's also fully temperature compensated, ensuring erratic temperature patterns don't have an effect on the accuracy of your readings.

  • Measures the level of oxygen in air
  • Also measures temperature levels
  • O2 buzzer warning when <18 detected="" li="" o2="">
  • Galvanic cell type sensor
  • Temperature compensation ensures accuracy
  • Auto power off saves battery life
  • Data hold function temporarily freezes last value taken on the screen
  • Operates from 4 x AAA batteries
  • High accuracy
  • Durable and compact ABS housing

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